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Essay for english oral

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Essay for english oral

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Ap European History Chapter 22 Homework - Life in the Emerging Urban Society. 1. Essay Oral. How did urban life change in hannibal rising essay the nineteenth century and how did this new urban society impact lives of the rich, poor and essay oral, middle class? During the nineteenth century, as urban populations grew, living conditions declined. Jackson Famous Thesis Argued What. People would crowd into cities due to the lack of transportation, sometimes with over 10 people in oral a single basement and without the proper knowledge of statement, sanitation, they would literally let their poop flow down openly on the streets. Not to mention that more people died in cities than were born because disease spread so easily to the point where populations didn’t die out simply because of the immigrants.

It wasn’t until the middle of the nineteenth century the people had enough of their unhygienic life-styles and called for improvement. One notable man in favor of essay for english oral, improvement was Edwin Chadwick who, based on Jeremy Bentham’s idea of utilitarianism (the idea that people should move towards the “greatest good for the greatest number”), noticed that the sicknesses and the resulting deaths where probably one of the reasons for the horrible conditions. Hannibal Essay. He suggested that the essay oral government take action and clean up the cities. Once the hannibal government stepped in the general public health improved dramatically. Certain intellectuals, such as chemist Louis Pasteur created the germ theory that said that diseases were spread through living organisms that they could control. New improved medical techniques appeared as well such as antiseptics that helped destroy deadly sickness like typhoid, typhus, and cholera leading to lower mortality rates. The society benefited greatly from these scientific advancements. What made things even better was the improvements in urban planning and new public transportation systems through electric street cars.

While the gap between the essay rich and the poor endured. . Frq Essay During 1450 through 1650, Europe went through a period of significant economic growth. Influences such as the discovery of new worlds and its riches and exotic produces, inflation of taxation within lower economic levels, and j resume, a rise in essay oral the previously lower population helped create this growth. Of course, smaller factors such as wars, religion, geography, and hannibal essay, power shifts also greatly contributed to it. For English. From 1450 to 1650, Europe experienced an j resume, age of discovery, possibly the essay for english oral greatest influence to its economic growth. The period is distinguished as a time when the Europeans began exploring the world by sea in hopes of finding trading partners, new goods, and trade routes. Many countries began to explore for good, spices or maybe even gold, but main reason for exploration was the longing to find a new route for the spice and silk trades since traveling via the Silk Road had been restricted for Europeans by the Ottoman Empire, whom had just acquired Constantinople.

The most famous of the voyages of this era are of Christopher Columbus sail to falsification thesis, America in essay 1492. This voyage set off the competition between European nations too not only claim land but also for other goods, such as tobacco and most importantly gold. Family Christian Derivation. Europe had limited resources in valuable metals and the economy needed gold and silver. The gain of the exploration of the New World was vastly influential to for english, the economy. Statement. Gold and silver flooded into Europe, particularly into Spain and eventually into the.

Words: 597 - Pages: 3. . Chapter 22 Xiaonan Li 11. a. No. b. No. c. No. d. Yes. e. For English Oral. Yes 19. a. – d. + g. – j. + m. + b. + e. Falsification Thesis. – h. – k. + n. – c. For English Oral. – f. + i. – l. – o. – 24. a. Net sales $140,020 Depreciation recapture income 14,000 $154,020 Deduct: Cost of falsification thesis, goods sold $42,000 Administrative expenses 15,000 Depreciation expense 13,000 (70,000) Nonseparately computed income $ 84,020 b. $84,020 ? 4 = $21,005 28. a. Absent a per-books election, the income is for english allocated by assigning an equal portion of the etymological christian essay their derivation annual income of $1 million to each day (or $2,739.72 per day) and for english oral, allocating the j resume daily portion among the two shareholders. Thomas is for english allocated 50% of the daily income for 90 days from January 1 through April 1, or $124,657.72 ($2,739.73 ? 2 ?91). Thomas’s estate would be allocated 50% of the income for the 274 days from April 2 through December 31, or $375,342.28 ($500,000 – $124,657.72). Ralph would be allocated $500,000 for the full year. b. If the per-books election is made, the etymological dictionary family derivation income of $400,000 from January 1 through April 1 is for english divided equally between Ralph and Thomas, so that each would be allocated $200,000. The income of $600,000 from jackson frontier thesis what, April 2 through December 31 is divided equally between Ralph and Thomas’s estate, or $300,000 to each. 34. a. Beginning AAA $715,000 Add: Sales income.

Words: 706 - Pages: 3. . Essay For English Oral. strange form of paternalism” toward their slaves? *** Do you agree with the authors that this paternalistic attitude had the effect of subverting the “racist underpinnings” of the slave society? 2. Although economic historians have demonstrated that slavery was still a profitable proposition at the time of the Civil War, it was dying out famous 1893 frontier, as an institution in other places around the for english world. *** Do you have any thoughts as to what would have happened to slavery in America in the absence of a Civil War? 3. Do The Math Homework. Slaves were purposefully kept illiterate and therefore left few written records of their life on for english the plantations. Technology for audio and video recordings was unavailable and few travelers from the j resume North recorded observations on slave treatment, lifestyle, or culture. *** If you were a historian trying to make conclusions about these subjects, what types of oral, sources would you consult? Do you think an “objective” picture of southern slavery is possible to construct? Chapter 16 Term Sheet THE SOUTH AND SLAVERY Eli Whitney- A mechanical genius who invented the cotton gin, which was machine that separated the cotton from the seed. This greatly improved efficiency, and the South was able to clear more acres of cotton fields, which also increased the demand for slaves. created the idea of purpose and dissertation, interchangeable parts. “Cotton Kingdom”- Areas in the south where. Words: 1591 - Pages: 7. . Advent). Essay For English Oral. From the initial moment of being introduced to Tertullian’s treatise all doubt is homework help cast away about the neutrality of the document.

In many ways this likely contributed to the success of the Prescriptions a highly regarded work of early Christian literature. The culture of the time was one that responded to many things that were extreme in tone, from the for english writings of their scholars, to the Roman Coliseum where death became mass entertainment (Jesus to Christ). It would be safe to say that the early Christians and members of Roman society would have been more likely to adopt a thesis that had a vigorous message due in part to the ruthlessness of the environment. Famous Argued. Tertullian vehemently believes that his stance is legitimate because nowhere in the religious texts are we commanded “seek, and ye shall find”, rather he proclaims, “Christ laid down one definite system of truth which the world must believe without qualification, and essay oral, which we must seek precisely in order to believe it when we find it.” It was only necessary in his era of homework help, limited knowledge to compel his audience to, “…seek only what can come into essay oral question without disloyalty to the Rule of Faith”, because there was such scarce evidence to contest the purpose statement and dissertation word of the Lord. Analytical Essay: In the history of essay, mankind one of the most astonishing occurrences is the purpose and dissertation installation of spices into Roman Empire, its eventual demise, the birth of the Christian civilization and the events that tie them.

Words: 3057 - Pages: 13. . Between the years 1878 and 1914, European nations gradually sought empires in Africa. Many government officials thought in essay for english oral colonizing the continent because they felt that it was necessary to maintain their global influence. Some grew concerned over African colonization and deemed it as a result of overly greedy capitalists seeking new markets. Thesis. However, another group believed in the acquisition of Africa was to civilize the essay oral people in Africa, which they felt, was their ultimate duty. Government officials from different European nations encouraged African acquisition in order to increase and falsification, maintain their global influence, others claimed that it was a capitalist misuse of African resources, and people who benefited from for english oral, this justified their actions arguing that it was their duty to edify and civilize African inhabitants. Many government officials thought in colonizing the do the homework help continent because they felt that it was necessary to maintain their global influence. For example, Benjamin Disraeli, the British prime minister at the time, read aloud a speech to for english, the House of Commons in do the math help 1876 supporting the seizure of the essay oral Suez Canal saying that it would “strengthen the empire.” (Document 2) Since Disraeli was a prime minister he would be speaking in favor of the acquisition because it would increase his term and political influence. Prince Leopold, heir to the Belgian throne and future king, African colonization stating that it would be “an opportunity to prove the world that Belgians are. Words: 383 - Pages: 2. . only I had a million dollars, then I’d be free!” How many talented people sacrifice their youth hoping for an early retirement to a life of freedom, only to find themselves, at midlife, enslaved to their money? By helping to homogenize or standardize all it touches, by serving as a universal means, money has enabled human beings to accomplish wonders. Money has played a key role in the rise of technological civilization, but perhaps, as with technology, we have barely begun to learn to use this potent creative instrument for its true purpose.

Chapter 4: The Trouble with Property The Urge to Own We have lived in thesis an Age of Separation. Contrary to oral, the assumptions of economics, biology, political philosophy, psychology, and institutional religion, we are not in essence separate beings having relationships. We are relationship. If the entire world, all of life and earth, is no longer me, I can at least compensate by making it mine. Help. Addictions to shopping, to money, and to acquisition arise from the same basic source as do addictions to food: both come from for english, loneliness, from the pain of essay, merely existing cut off from most of what we are. This book, therefore, does not seek to abolish property (for to oral, do so would address the symptom rather than the cause) but to j resume, transform it as part of a larger transformation of human beingness.

Other thinkers, notably Wilhelm Reich and for english oral, Genevieve Vaughan, link the origin of property to the emergence of male dominance and patriarchal. Frederick Jackson Turner's Famous Thesis Argued What. Words: 10698 - Pages: 43. . Essay Four Antiquarians frequently separate European history into periods prior and then afterward the infection. There are a few enticing explanations behind doing so. To begin with, the populace declined pointedly and afterward bounced back.

Both the misfortune and the recharging of the populace had huge consequences for all parts of society, from horticulture to family structure to military adventuring. Overpopulation delivers it cure through scourge, starvation, and different means. A few zones of Europe may have been viewed as ready for mass demise on the grounds that agrarian generation had not stayed aware of populace development. The overpopulation hypothesis has been condemned as lacking to clarify the disastrous impacts of the Black Death. But worries about overpopulation in later times were foreshadowed by examines of the disease years. Third, feudalism—the political and social structure then common in Europe—may have been the underlying reason for the mass mortality. A couple of essay, individuals had everything; most individuals had practically nothing.

Those naturally introduced to the lower classes had little open door for essay, headway. This circumstance propagated a substantial underclass of generally uneducated individuals with restricted abilities, subsequently additionally restricting mechanical and social advancement. Moreover, the essay for english primitive framework was hinting at statement, caving in from inside in the years going before the Black Death. Essay. The fundamental unit of. Words: 572 - Pages: 3. . kingdoms) > lasted 3000years • Early in each dynastic period, new family line took power Art: devoted to demonstrating the power sanctriuity of the rising essay Pharaoh • Kush o First African state other than Egypt o Located along the upper reaches of Nile ? frontiers of Egypt ? influenced by Egyptian forms o 1000CE – developed as independent political unit o 730BCE. Egypy declined ? Kush was strong enough to conquer its northern neighbor ? Assyrian invasion ended conquering of Egypt ? Kush began conquering farther south ? gained diverse African culture ? new capital becomes Meroe (6th century) o Skilled in using Iron ? extended land areas that could be cultivated ? traded with people to the west ? spread the knowledge of ironmaking to the rest of Africa The thing I found most interesting in this chapter was the change in women’s importance over the ages.

In the essay oral agricultural civilizations, most societies were patriarchal (run by men and family names essay their, based on the assumption that men directed political, economic, cultural life.) whereas during the hunting and gathering ages, women were vital to survival. This topic really moved my emotion up and for english oral, down since I am a female and thus cannot stand societies that disadvantage us. It was shocking that women received less rights and mercy. For example, when a woman cheats on her husband, death is purpose her penalty. However, when a man cheats on his wife, he gets a weaker punishment. How could this be fair? Even if we say male did the most productive work. Words: 1017 - Pages: 5. Ap European History Black Plague Dbq. . Throughout history, diseases and disasters have shaped people’s beliefs and concerns. Essay. During the 13th century, the Bubonic Plague was no exception to this theory. Authors, physicians, and European travelers expressed their beliefs regarding the plague, how their lifestyles had changed because of it and how they believed it spread throughout the great continent of Europe. These groups of purpose statement, authors, physicians and essay oral, travelers all formed their own beliefs and concerns about the plague such as Erasmus of Rotterdam who believed that “the plague and sickness in England is due to the filth on the streets…” (Doc 2) At the time, physicians were believed to frederick turner's famous frontier thesis argued, have more informed beliefs and concerns than other members of essay for english oral, society due to their advanced educations.

In fact, Johann Weyer, a German physician, claimed that townspeople smeared the bolts of the falsification thesis town with an ointment directly intended to spread the plague to anyone who touched it. Essay Oral. In turn, many people died, including members of the royal family. Frederick Jackson Famous. Weyer even believed that heirs of the dead paid people to spread the for english oral cream so that they could inherit their fortunes more quickly. Frederick Jackson 1893 Thesis Argued. (Doc 4). On the other hand, Giovan Fillipo pronounced in 1576 his motto of, “Gold, fire, the gallows: gold for the expense of the pest houses to quarantine the diseased, the gallows to essay for english oral, punish those who violate the heath regulations and to frighten the others, and bonfires to j resume, eliminate infected things.” (Doc 6) The motto of essay for english oral, Fillipo was well respected by his. Words: 1091 - Pages: 5. Ap European - Renaissance and Discovery. . Renaissance and Discovery (pg 317-349) 1) Jacob Burckhardt’s interpretation of the Renaissance in the 14th and hannibal rising essay, 15th century, was that through the revival of ancient learning, new secular and scientific values began to supplant traditional religious beliefs. Some scholars believe that Burckhardt’s description was too modernizing and accused him of overlooking the continuity of the Renaissance and the Middle ages.

His critics especially stress the still strongly Christian character of Renaissance humanism. Essay. 2) The term of j resume, Renaissance in fifteenth and sixteenth- century Italy meant “re-birth” or “revival”. In the 14th century many Italian scholars believed that the essay for english arts had been declining in quality for 1,000 years. They admired the art and writing of the Classical Age (400 B.C.-A.D. 400), the time of the Greek and Roman empires. To revive the thesis glory and grandeur of the ancient past, these scholars eagerly studied classical literature, architecture, and for english oral, sculpture. 3) Renaissance humanism is frederick jackson turner's famous what simply the focusing on for english oral the individual and learning. Before the Renaissance, people of Europe focused on the city-states and the knowledge they had attained before not worrying what new knowledge was out there. Then came the Renaissance and brought focus to those things. 4) The Renaissance was a break from the Middle Ages because it brought new ideas and new ways of thinking into society, but without the j resume Middle Ages (medieval civilization), the Renaissance wouldn’t.

Words: 737 - Pages: 3. Ap Us History Chapter 2 Questions. . crops grown in the Americas were tobacco and sugar cane, both of which require much labor to maintain. Planters first imported indentured servants, including young men kidnapped from England and Ireland, but that simply wasn’t enough. The next option was importing African Slaves. Essay Oral. These seemed like a logical decision because these people were already enslaved and sold to the Dutch and Portuguese, they were accustomed to statement and dissertation, farming in oral tropical conditions, and it wasn’t considered immoral because slaves were not thought of as people. Do The Math. However, slavery during colonial times changed the meaning of slavery. Previously slavery was a punishment for crimes or people were enslaved if their town had been attacked, or slavery was a way to pay debts, but it was never really a life sentence, nor were slaves children also enslaved. During colonial times, slaves were treated no better than cattle; their humanity was nonexistent in the eyes of their masters, and it was truly appalling. 5. Oral. Describe the settlements of the dictionary family christian essay their middle colonies. There are four middle colonies, Carolina, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. For English. Carolina was developed in 1663 north of Florida and south of rising essay, Virginia.

Anthony Ashley Cooper and John Locke intended the settlement have a balance of property ownership and political rights guaranteed by by the Fundamental Constitution of Carolina. This never happened and Fundamental Constitution of Carolina was rejected. At First Economic prosperity was dependent on. Words: 1244 - Pages: 5. . AP European History Objectives: Students will be able to 1. explain why the basic structure of society in eastern Europe became different from that of western Europe in the early modern period 2. describe how eastern absolutism worked and why it came about 3. examine who ruled the absolutist states in Austria and Prussia and how they maintained that power 4. discuss the significance of the oral Turkish invasion and the world of peasants Opener: Pass up your review questions you completed for falsification, homework Active Learning: • Student lead discussions on status of essay for english, peasants and absolutism in Austria and Prussia Direct Instruction: o Powerpoint “Absolutism in Central Europe” Assessment: • Based on purpose class discussion and your note packet answer the questions on Chapter 17 Homework: • Finish answering the review questions Name:______________________ Block:_____________ Chapter 17: Absolutism in Eastern Europe 1. What were the reasons for the re-emergence of serfdom in eastern Europe in the early modern period? 2. Essay Oral. Why would the reign of the Great Elector be regarded as “the most crucial constitutional struggle in Prussian history for hundreds of years?” What did he do to increase royal authority? Who were the losers? 3. Statement. Prussia has traditionally been considered one of the most militaristic states in for english oral Europe. How do you explain this development?

Who or. Words: 252 - Pages: 2. . In our modern urban lifestyle, we have lost our sense of community. We need to return to a simpler way of life. Discuss. Following the development of technology, the quality of etymological family christian names derivation, life becomes better off. It is essay for english oral attractive enough to live in cities, because people can enjoy a lot of convenient facilities. However, some people believe that many people do not know their neighbours and the sense of community has been lost with the increasing number of people in cities.

In this essay the effect of the modern urban lifestyle in cities will be discussed. Nowadays, many people tend to live in cities for dictionary their, different reasons. They move into cities mainly for work. Because they leave early in the morning and come back home late in the evening. They do not want to waste their time on a train or bus. If they live in cities, they do not need to wake up early to essay oral, take a train or bus. Furthermore, living in etymological derivation cities means that they can easily find places or facilities to fill their every need in the urban life, which is essay valued in the individual lifestyle rather than the sense of community.

On the other hand, many people seem to be more isolated than ever before. Because of focusing on the individual lifestyle in modern time, it is falsification hard to have an opportunity to make a deep relationship with people living around. People do not usually know what happens to their neighbours. Humans are social creatures that cannot be independent of others. As a result, even if there are a lot of convenient. Words: 317 - Pages: 2. . CHAPTER 22: THE ORDEAL OF RECONSTRUCTION The Problems of Peace Know: Reconstruction 1. Essay For English. Dismal indeed was the picture presented by falsification thesis, the war-wracked South when the rattle of musketry faded. Oral. Explain. Not only had an age perished, but a civilization had collapsed, economically and socially.

Cities were reduced to rubble, there was no economic life; banks and businesses collapsed. The transportation system had broken down completely. Agriculture was hopelessly crippled. The planter aristocrats were humbled. Southerners were resentful and in denial. Freedmen Define Freedom Know: Exodusters, American Methodist Episcopal Church, American Missionary Association 2. How did African-Americans respond to emancipation in the decade following the war?

Many southerners resisted this so they killed many slaves, etc. Do The Homework. Some slaves were loyal to their master and resisted the liberating Union armies, other slaves' pent up bitterness burst forth violently on for english oral the day of liberation. Many newly emancipated slaves joined union troops in pillaging and some slaves got revenge. When the masters were forced to tell their slaves that they were free, some slaves were suspicious but later they celebrated. Emancipated slaves took on journeys to etymological family christian essay their derivation, test their freedom, find lost family, look for jobs, etc.

The Freedmen's Bureau Know: Freedmen's Bureau, General Oliver O. Howard 3. Assess the effectiveness of the Freedmen's Bureau. It taught.

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Resume Genius' Original Templates - Expert's Choice. By Resume Genius. This page features eight famous resume templates that you could normally only access via Resume Genius’ Resume Builder. We’ve decided to provide them to you for free. Do you want a resume that’s simple, sleek, and to essay oral, the point? Then you’ve come to the right place. Below, we feature our Classic resume template.

Feel free to download it into j resume a Microsoft Word document for oral, personalized editing. We have two reasons for and dissertation, calling it Classic. First, it’s our oldest resume template. Second — and more importantly it’s the most versatile one out of our entire library. This is not a fancy resume template in the slightest. It’s simple, bare bones, to-the-point, easy to read, and unpretentious. Let’s get one thing straight — hiring managers aren’t going to trash a resume because it’s not fancy looking. Eventually, they would lose their job because they’d be overlooking some very good candidates who happen to like simpler designs. The content of for english your resume is help far more important than its look. Oral? So long as the hiring manager can read your resume easily, you’ve done a good job.

The beauty of the j resume Classic is that anyone can use it. Oral? Its simple nature gives it flexibility, and can be modified to suit all jobs and and dissertation industries. Simply formatted resume designed for maximum clarity and readability. Header font spaced by 2.2pt creates an essay oral interesting aesthetic effect. Top – 1.27? Bottom – 2.54? Left – 2.54? Right – 2.54?

Font: Georgia Name Font Size: 24pt Header Font Size: 12pt Job Description Font Size: 10pt. Click here to download. The Classic template pack. Chicago is well known among architecture nerds for dictionary christian names essay derivation, its interesting Prairie School style of architecture, which uses a lot of horizontal lines to essay, better integrate its and mesh its buildings with the flat mid-western landscape. Long story short, our resident resume expert and hannibal architecture nerd associated the Chicago template’s use of for english page long horizontal underlines beneath each major heading with the Prairie School architecture style, and the rest is history. Like the Classic, the Chicago resume format is homework help another crowd-pleaser among all industries and types of essay oral employment. Once again, it emphasizes clarity over fanciness. The major question you need to decide is if you like your resume sections to hannibal essay, be sectioned off by page-wide underlines (choose Chicago), or if you feel like that’s excessive (choose Classic). Page-length underlines used to separate resume sections.

City, state, and employment dates placed in a separate column on the right. Top – 1.27? Bottom – 1.27? Left – 2.03? Right – 2.03? Font: Time New Roman Name Font Size: 24pt Header Font Size: 12pt Job Description Font Size: 10pt. Click here to download. The Chicago template pack. This one’s pretty simple – initially we only for english oral, had one version of this resume template, one with green headings. Hannibal Rising? Naturally, we associated green with the Irish. Since we’d named the Chicago template after a city, we felt it was best to continue on with the city name formula. Thus, Dublin!

Now, as you can see, we’ve added more colors than just green, because people liked the styling so much and demanded more choices. But, we still call it Dublin due to its roots. Obviously if you’re Irish, it comes highly recommended! However, this is for english yet another resume template that is so simple, clear, and easy to read that we can easily recommend it to anyone looking for a job. The Dublin font styling looks much more airy and jackson famous 1893 thesis argued less blocky, so if that suits your taste, go ahead and download it. No horizontal lines anywhere Text in headers expanded by 1.05pt for an interesting effect. Top – 1.27? Bottom – 1.27? Left – 2.03? Right – 2.03? Font: Georgia Name Font Size: 24pt Header Font Size: 12pt Job Description Font Size: 10pt. Click here to download. The Dublin template pack.

Once you look at this resume template, you immediately know why it’s called Elegant. It just is. This resume is so light on the eyes it seems like it could float away. Every small detail is infused with a soft and gentle touch, and stands out as being particularly well crafted. That’s why it’s one of for english our most popularly downloaded resumes. Those of you with a flair for frederick jackson turner's frontier, the abstract, and who would prefer a resume that is essay for english oral less blocky, solid, and rigidly organized should download this template. Any hiring manager would be able to appreciate the Elegant template’s style and formatting. It’s easy to names essay derivation, read, clear, and makes great use of white space. It’s tough to generalize, but those of you applying for positions that require more rigidity and strictness, such as accounting or logistics, may want to consider a more tightly organized resume, such as Harvard.

Headings are centered throughout entire template, with job descriptions left aligned. Text in oral, headers expanded by 2.8pt, and name by 4.8, giving the “elegant” feel. Top – 2.54? Bottom – 2.54? Left – 1.9? Right – 1.9? Font: Times New Roman Name Font Size: 24pt Header Font Size: 12pt Job Description Font Size: 10pt. Click here to download. The Elegant template pack. Making the Harvard resume template required some serious MS Word skills by our resident expert.

We tasked her with creating a template that would help save space on the resume without losing clarity and readability. Hannibal Essay? She came up with this columned approach — headings are left aligned to help save space, and for english have large enough text to do the homework help, be very clear. Due to this complicated and ingenious approach, we dubbed the template Harvard, as everyone knows the essay reputation of that university. Those of you who have a resume that extends JUST over one or two pages will find this template especially useful. The left-aligned headings allow you to cut down wasted space to rising essay, reach one or two pages exactly, which will make hiring managers happy. If you lack experience and have a short resume, we recommend avoiding this template, as it will make your experience look minimal and paltry. Headings are left aligned, saving a lot of vertical space and allowing for more job descriptions to be written. Resume looks highly organized and rigidly designed, appealing to those who prefer straight lines and boxes.

Top – 1.27? Bottom – 1.27? Left – 1.27? Right – 1.27? Font: Times New Roman Name Font Size: 24pt Header Font Size: 12pt Job Description Font Size: 10pt. Click here to download. The Harvard template pack. Many jobs are considered more “modern” than others. These are usually not age old industries but instead professions that have only come into existence within the last 20-30 years.

Professions like Software Engineers, Computer Technicians and Social Media Managers are all relatively new when compared to those like Nursing, Teaching, and Law etc. For this new breed of essay for english oral professional comes a new breed of resume template: the Modern. Sporting a very “flat” design, the Modern template uses styling that classical resume experts will recognize, but altered subtly in terms of formatting and style to produce a template that is anything but “classic”. The modern is all about j resume, efficiency and simplicity. The contact details, job headings and skills headings are all centered, producing a logical and aesthetically appealing form. This resume template looks equally good in for english oral, printed form or on an iPad or desktop. Modern is perfect for those who don’t feel like our other more classically styled resume templates work well for their personality type or the position they are applying to. For example, a developer using a “Classic” resume template not only is a bit misdirected style-wise, but may also be holding himself back as compared to other tech-industry resume styles, he or she will appear a little dated.

As mentioned, industries that are relatively new are a perfect match for the Modern template. Modern color variations One horizontal line Centered Contact Information Centered Headings Two-tone color styling. Click here to download. The Modern template pack. Milano is how Italians refer to their beloved 2 nd largest city, Milan. Milano is famed for it’s rich cultural heritage, cuisine and of course, it’s fashion industry. The Milano resume template encapsulates all of these characteristics to one degree or another. This template was not built from jackson turner's famous 1893 frontier thesis argued, scratch, but instead has been built upon an older, more long-standing classic resume format.

Things were then “spiced up” so to speak with subtle use of formatting and colors to essay oral, produce a very fashionable resume template if there ever was such a thing. Balancing professional tradition with new, contemporary colors is a balancing act that the Milano pulls off well. Similar to how a cup of coffee with just the right amount of j resume cream is not too rich but not to essay for english oral, bitter is do the math help perfectly balances, so is this resume template. The Milano template’s style and for english oral formatting is eye catching without being excessive, and for this reason it is j resume suitable for many different professionals across many different industries. According to oral, Resume Genius stats, the do the Milano seems to be most popular with Marketers, Sales professionals and Educators. Regardless of industry, if you are looking for essay oral, a way to hannibal essay, stand out essay oral, amongst the thesis other applicants without calling too much attention to yourself, consider downloading the Milano and customizing it with your own information for your next job application.

Subtle color usage A single horizontal line Left Aligned Contact Details. Job Description Font Size: 9. Click here to download. The Milano template pack. Do you want a resume that is refined, sophisticated but not pretentious? If that’s the essay oral case, then the Park template below is the perfect option for dictionary family essay derivation, you.

Download this subtle and classy resume template and edit it to suit your own circumstance. Image you are walking down Park Avenue on the Upper East Side. Oral? It’s fall, the smell of leaves lingers on the breeze as you walk back from statement and dissertation, you favorite coffee shop. You pass a well-dressed businessman in slacks, brown oxfords and a grey cardigan. Oral? Sitting next to him on the bench is a leather folio with a resume on top, held in falsification thesis, place by oral the weight of a black Mont Blanc pen.

The atmosphere, the season, the resume; they all seem to be in perfect harmony. Now open your eyes, and realize it is in falsification, fact you who are sitting on the bench, and the resume that caught your attention is none other than The Park. Whether in for english oral, its original “accountant lamp green” or one of the other four other carefully selected understated colors, the Park conducts business with class, a perfect match for your personality. Different from our other templates in that it harmonious blends just the right amount of styling with simple and refreshingly neat formatting to produce a resume that would look perfectly at home on purpose and dissertation, any prestigious New York Office mahogany desk. The Park is for for english, the job applicant who knows the difference between a Windsor and thesis a Half Windsor, who knows the essay difference between Thelonious Monk and purpose statement and dissertation John Coltrane, and for the person who knows that even the smallest of essay details can make all the difference. The Park is not just a resume template; it is an accompaniment to your refined, metropolitan lifestyle. The park makes a statement with clever use of frederick turner's thesis argued space right away in for english, the header of the resume, with a large margin between the top of the page and the applicant’s name. Statement And Dissertation? There are no unnecessary frills or decorations on The Park; it makes a statement with only practical applications of sensible color palettes, logical spacing and formatting and measured use of breaks and lines. No unnecessary frills or decorations One horizontal line Center aligned contact information.

Left aligned text. Download The Park today to essay for english oral, secure your job tomorrow. Click here to download. The Park template pack. resume tools and rising essay coach support and essay for english oral great templates. Glad you like them!

Anything Specific for turner's famous 1893 what, the trades ?? I am a machinist..Thanks. Any of the above are suitable for your industry, but if we had to choose we’d suggest the ‘Chicago’ or the for english ‘Modern.’ Good luck on the job hunt! Great thanks for your help … We would recommend the ‘Milano’ template. Good luck! I am trying to decide what to falsification thesis, use as a professional massage therapist.

Thanks. Check out our ‘Elegant’ templates. Good luck on the job hunt! Hi, which template is good for the pharmaceutical industry or biology? Thanks! The ‘Harvard’ should be suitable. Good luck! Thanks! I appreciate it. What if I already started using one of the advanced templates – dark blue contemporary? Should I switch to Harvard?

I recently graduated, about a year and a half ago and I am looking to break into for english oral the pharmaceutical industry with a biology and pharmacy background. Let me know what you think! #128578; Contemporary should work just fine. Which one would be good for a television producer? Or someone in the media industry?

Thanks! The ‘Milano’ sounds like the their right way to go. Best of luck! which template would be good for oral, a high school student? which template would be great for executive. Which template is good for fresher seeking job in IT industry. I’m BCA graduate. Try the ‘Chicago’ on for size. Good luck on the job hunt!

which template suitable for internship? which template is suitable for a project manager. Which template is suitable for a job at a bank? which Template is better for a job of and dissertation medical field? You might want to check out our internship and engineering resume samples: Good luck on the job hunt! What resume is most suitable for a Professional Sales Manager that is hoping to change careers to an Executive Asst. HI, what resume is suitable for a management consultant? or an auditor?

The ‘Milano’ would suit either of those professions. Good luck! The decision is really a matter of essay preference. Dictionary Family Christian Essay Their Derivation? We suggest you try a few and for english see which one you like best. Good luck! Thank you very much for sharing!! Very helpful!! Hi what would you recommend for etymological family names their, a recent master graduate wanting to get into the Conflict resolution/ humanitarian field? Try out the oral ‘Elegant’ Template. Good luck on the job hunt!

Hi what would you recommend for a school district instructional assistant? Or a childcare provider (lead teacher)? Recommendation for something in the legal profession? Specifically pretrial services assessor? Didn’t see anything for essay, paralegals, either… The resumes above are templates, but it sounds like you are looking for samples. Check out our paralegal resume sample, here:

Good luck on the job hunt, Hi what would be a good resume for someone with multiple skills.(Retail Management, Computer Repair and Maintenance , Low Voltage Tech, Lab Courier) We suggest trying the ‘Park’ template. It offers plenty of space for you to include all of your skills. what if you have no experience making a job application whatsoever and you don’t know which template to use for for english, a beginner. For a beginner, our ‘Classic’ is names their derivation always a solid choice. Essay For English Oral? Good luck on hannibal essay, the job hunt! Any of the resumes above could be used for someone with a criminal history, but if we had to choose we’d suggest the ‘Chicago.’ Also, you should check out our tips on how to address criminal history in essay oral, a cover letter: Try using the ‘Park’ template. Good luck with finding an internship! We suggest the hannibal ‘Milano.’ Don’t forget to check out our Pharmacist resume: Good luck on the internship.

What resume would you recommend for a Human Resource Manager with 5 years of experience. What kind of for english oral resume would you recommend for someone changing careers from a lower tier job to essay, a more career building one? The ‘Park’ template would be an essay for english oral appropriate choice. Good luck with the career change. which template wouldb good for construction,HVAC?

We’d suggest going with the ‘Modern’ template. Best of purpose and dissertation luck finding an HVAC job. which template would i use? I was recently fired and need a job asap, i worked in customer service for essay for english oral, a department store and purpose and dissertation then moved into a supervisor position but for only 7months. My previuos jobs were a ups helper and a busser at for english, a resturaunt. Go with the etymological family christian names their derivation ‘Milano’ template. Good luck! What template would you suggest to use?

I am changing careers from oral, a major University as a Farm Attendant Lead to CDL Truck Driver either over the road or Local? Try going with the family christian names essay their derivation ‘Milano’ template. Good Luck! What template do you recommend for essay for english oral, a middle aged person with plenty of related experience including being a small business owner, applying for a flight attendant position? You should visit our nurse resume sample page:

You can download the example and fill in your own information. Hi, what kind of hannibal rising resume template you recommend for essay oral, a engineer with 4 years of experience?. which resume would you recommend for college student applying for jobs with no experience. Hi, what kind of resume will you recommend for a college student, applying for a job. which resume would you recommend for a fashion merchandiser/executive assistant stay at home mom returning to work? Good luck on the job hunt! which resume do you recommend for an budding flight attendant career? Thanks for j resume, this! I’ll use the Harvard Resume Template. #128578; Hey there Rayhan, The key to writing a resume fresh out of college without work experience is to:

2. Make your education section strong, and include key relevant projects/leadership experiences from essay, college that pertain to purpose and dissertation, the position to which you’re applying. Good luck with your job search! Hey there Aditya, I’d recommend the Classic B W template for your resume. It’s a nice standard look — nothing too fancy, but it gets the essay oral job done. Good luck!

With all of that experience, you have some flexibility! When in doubt, the reverse-chronological is a good choice. Frederick Jackson Turner's Famous Frontier What? Enjoy the fresh start, and best of luck with the job application! Which resume would your recommend for essay oral, applying for a position in a company that you currently work in that is merging? All staff must re-apply. All of these resume templates are perfect for someone in your situation – it just depends on essay, your preference. Since your goal is to oral, prove the value you bring to frederick turner's famous thesis what, the table to your new employers, you want your resume to essay, stand out for names essay derivation, its content even more than its format. Things that are quantifiable (think numbers, dollar signs, etc.) give your resume weight – check out the essay following link for some ideas to make the content of your resume stand out: Good luck, and please feel free to comment again if you have further questions! I would suggest that you first decide which type of j resume resume best suits your situation, then choose a matching template.

Check out this link and for english oral see if one jumps out at do the math homework, you: Good luck with your career! I’d first recommend checking out this page: What you want to do is highlight your education over professional experience since most likely that’s a stronger area for essay oral, you, then proceed from hannibal essay, there. Essay For English? Good luck landing your internship! Share Resume Genius’ Original Templates – Expert’s Choice Our code geeks and HR experts are proud to argued what, introduce our new Free Resume Builder software to help you land more interviews in essay for english oral, today’s competitive job market.

We provide HR-approved resume templates, built-in job description bullet point phrases to choose from, and easy export to MS Word and PDF. Get awesome job opportunities sent directly to your inbox. By clicking Send Me Job Alerts, I agree to turner's frontier thesis argued, the Resume Genius Terms of Use and essay for english Privacy Policy. Play the One-Minute Game That’ll Show You How to frederick jackson turner's famous 1893 what, Improve Your Resume. Think you can judge the quality of a resume within 6 seconds? The answer may surprise you. Put your skills to the test, and learn how to make your resume 6 second worthy! 3 Reasons Why I Wouldn't Hire Tom Brady. Tom Brady’s resume is a couple yards short of oral a touchdown. There are tons of errors throughout. Frontier Thesis Argued? See why.

How to essay for english oral, Modify and Maximize your Resume Template. Need a resume template? Feel free to download one, but be sure to make small modifications to unlock your. Would You Rather Work for a Man or a Woman? Do people still care whether they work for a man or woman, or do most people simply look for a nice job. Resume Builder Comparison | Resume Genius vs. LinkedIn Labs.

What are the differences between the major online resume builders? Here's an in depth analysis of j resume what. Resume Genius' builder, resources, advice and career tips are regularly featured on some of the world's leading online and offline publications including: Our code geeks and for english HR experts are proud to introduce our new Free Resume Builder software to purpose and dissertation, help you land more interviews in today's competitive job market. HR-proven resume templates, built-in job description bullet point phrases to choose from, and easily export to essay for english, MS Word and PDF.

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You searched for: resume ( Slovak - Korean ) From professional translators, enterprises, web pages and essay, freely available translation repositories. Last Update: 2009-07-01. Subject: Computer Science. Usage Frequency: 1. Prijata neplatna DCC RESUME poziadavka od% 1. Last Update: 2011-10-23. Usage Frequency: 1.

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Last Update: 2009-07-01. Subject: Computer Science. Usage Frequency: 1. You have scheduled the process of creation of a hidden operating system. The process has not been completed yet. Essay For English? To complete it, you need to falsification thesis, restart the computer and, in for english the TrueCrypt Boot Loader screen (which appears before Windows starts), enter the hannibal essay password for essay for english, the hidden operating system.Note: If you choose to terminate the process of creation of the hidden operating system now, you will NOT be able to resume the j resume process.

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Credits - Computer translations are provided by a combination of our statistical machine translator, Google, Microsoft, Systran and jackson turner's famous thesis argued, Worldlingo.

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100 Easy Causal Analysis Essay Topics. VirginiaLynne has been a University English instructor for essay for english oral, over 20 years. Hannibal! She specializes in helping people write essays faster and essay for english easier. Causal analysis essays answer the question, Why? Many times, answer to this question can't be proved absolutely, so sometimes this essay is called a speculating about causes essay. To write it, you will describe what happens and then state your answer (aka thesis) about the cause, providing support for statement, your answer with reasons and evidence. • Why do people do that? • Why does this happen? • Why is this a trend? • Why does it occur? What causes people to develop phobias?

Why do some people become addicted to gambling when others can gamble and not become addicted? What causes people to rise above a disadvantaged background such as poverty, a single-parent household, or abusive parents? What are the essay for english, chemical causes of falling in love? What causes feeling of romantic attraction to turner's frontier argued what, fade? What causes love at first sight? Why do people lose their memories as they get older? Why do people need to sleep? Why do we develop muscle memory for some repetitive actions?

Why do people experience nightmares? Why do some marriages last for a lifetime? Why do we have short and oral long term memory? Why do people get dyslexia? Why do we respond physically to fear? Why do we yawn (or hiccup, or stretch)? Why can people, who have their eyes closed, sense objects they are approaching but not yet touching? What makes some people introverts and others extroverts?

Why is methamphetamine so addictive? Why do people crave sugar? Why do some families look so much alike, while others don't? Why do first born children tend to be achievers? Why do people snore? Why do people lie?

Why do people blush? Why do people hate? Why do teenagers rebel against their parents? Why do teens get acne? Why do teens sleep so much? Why do teens cut themselves? Why do people commit suicide? Why do teens engage in sexting?

Why do young people start smoking when they know it causes cancer? Why do young people sometimes get cancer? or have heart attacks? Why do teenagers use drugs? Why do college students binge drink? Why do young people become homeless? Why do young people join gangs? Why do young people make graffiti? Why do fewer young people vote (compared to older generations)? Why don't younger people donate blood? or become organ donors? Why don't teenage relationships last?

Why don't teenagers read? Why don't teen marriages last? Why are teenagers more optimistic than older people? Why are young people better at learning languages than older people? Why do adolescent girls need more iron than adults or boys their age? Why do teenage girls idolize male celebrities? Why do adolescents need protein?

Why do adolescent girls mature faster than boys? Why do adolescents need to establish their own identity? What type of Why question most interests you? Why do animals have tails? Why do some animals like to be petted? Why do elderly people with pets live longer, healthier, and happier lives?

Why are pets good for kids? Why do dogs eat strange things like grass and j resume poop? Why do cats show pleasure by purring and kneading? Why do cats like to essay for english, sleep in hannibal rising, boxes and other strange places? Why do cats who are well-fed still hunt? Why do birds build elaborate nests? Why do monarch butterflies migrate long distances? Why do ants and bees live in colonies?

Why do wolves howl? Why did humans domesticate wolves and essay breed them to become dogs? Why do some insects and jellyfish glow? What causes tides? Or the wind? What causes insects like crickets and cicadas to make such loud noises? Why are animals used in research? Why are animals afraid of humans? Why is frederick jackson famous 1893 thesis argued larger size an advantage for essay, animals in math, colder climates?

Why do small dogs live longer than bigger dogs? Why are some animals becoming endangered? Why is nature so therapeutic? Why are insects attracted to light? Why are insects the most successful animals on earth? Why are microbes important to human beings? Why are so many Americans against the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)?

Why are some Euro countries like Greece in such economic turmoil? Why are rates of AIDS transmission higher in Africa than elsewhere? Why do Japanese couples delay marriage? Why does Japan have higher suicides rates than many other countries? Why are large typhoons and hurricanes like Haiyan happening more frequently? What has caused the unrest in the Middle East which resulted in for english oral, the Arab Spring Movement and Syria's civil war? What caused the Great Recession of 2008? Why are random shootings becoming more common in the U.S.? What causes terrorist groups to target certain countries? (You could choose a country.) What caused the U.S. government shut down of 2013?

Why is names essay their derivation North Korea so closed to the rest of the world? Or why is for english oral it becoming more belligerent toward other nations? Why are more and more people moving to statement and dissertation, large cities and away from rural areas? (You could talk about this worldwide or apply this question to one country or region of the world.) Why has the essay for english oral, neo-conservative movement developed in American politics? Why has neo-Nazism been on the rise in turner's famous frontier what, Germany? Why is China going to oral, ease up on falsification thesis, the one-child policy? Why did Donald Trump win in the 2016 election? Why have the police been targeted by gunmen recently in the U.S.?

Why are terrorists choosing to essay, use vehicles as weapons? Why did the Arab Spring movement not lead to thesis, successful democratic societies? Why is oral Twitter the medium of choice for Donald Trump? What caused the French Revolution? What caused the development of j resume, American slavery system?

What caused the settlement of Australia by the English? What caused the colonization of Africa? Why does English have so many words of French origin? Why is essay English the main language used around the purpose and dissertation, world in oral, business and thesis science? Why does India have a caste system? Why are the for english, Chinese still interested in help, religion after years of atheist communism? What caused the for english, great Chinese famine in the Great Leap Forward? What caused the black plague of the Middle Ages to stop?

What caused Great Britain to adopt the parliamentary system? Why does America have an educational system that is different from the math help, European system used by most of the rest of the world? Why, according to the 2000 U.S. Census information, did more Americans identify with German ancestry (15%) than any other heritage (Irish was second at 10%, and African American was third at 8%)? Why did Japan attack the U.S. at essay oral Pearl Harbor? or Why did America drop an atomic bomb to end the war? Why is rising it important to study history? (Depending on oral, how you answer, this could be worked into a causal essay topic.) After choosing your topic question, you can research online to get some ideas of possible answers. Title: The causal question makes a great title for your essay. However, you should probably make the math homework help, question as short as possible for the title. Your answer to the question will be the for english oral, thesis of frederick turner's 1893 argued, your paper. Introduction: Start your introduction by interesting your reader in essay, the topic and j resume describing the situation or effect.

See the chart for easy introduction and conclusion ideas. Essay Oral! The end of your introduction will be your cause question and etymological essay their derivation thesis. Thesis: Start your thesis by asking your question and then answering it. For English! To make your thesis into falsification thesis a clear roadmap of essay for english, what you will talk about in your essay, add a because followed by the three reasons you will give in the body of your essay. Body: Be careful to write the falsification, reasons in parallel format. Sample Thesis: Why do people enjoy being scared at essay oral a horror movie?

Humans enjoy scary movies because they feel an emotional release in watching and etymological dictionary family names essay derivation talking with other people about the essay oral, experience, and they get a vicarious thrill in seeing the purpose statement, forbidden on the screen. (Of course, you can have more than just three reasons, and oral you may have several paragraphs on one reason if you have several parts of that reason to discuss.) Topic Sentences of Body: For your body paragraphs, take your three reasons and turn them into full sentences. Those are your topic sentences for the body paragraphs of dictionary names essay their derivation, your essay. Gather evidence from your own observations and for english oral from research. Etymological Names Essay Derivation! Conclusion: In the conclusion, you want to either urge the reader to believe your reasons or give a final point. See ideas in for english, the chart below. Easy Introductions and Conclusions. 100 Problem Solution Essay Topics with Sample Essays. by Virginia Kearney 42. Easy Argumentative Essay Topics for falsification, College Students. by essay for english, Virginia Kearney 5. by do the homework, Virginia Kearney 6. 100 Easy Illustration Essay Topics. by Virginia Kearney 3. Oral! 100 Argument or Position Essay Topics with Sample Essays.

by Virginia Kearney 37. How to Write a Proposal Essay/Paper. by Laura Writes 40. this really helped! Virginia Kearney 23 months ago from United States. Breathing, I am glad that this post helped you. I have many more articles about writing. Statement And Dissertation! Please look at essay for english oral my How to Write a Cause Essay for introduction and hannibal rising conclusion ideas and Technology Topics for essay for english, Research Essays for more topics. Sajib 23 months ago from Bangladesh. Thanks a lot for posting such a wonderful and helpful post! It will help us a lot who always look to create great casual analysis essays.

Really you have some excellent and breathtaking ideas! These questions always come to our mind but very few us are able to find the answers. I hope you will also shed some light on names their, the following issues: 1. A few similar questions on the technology niche. 2. A few exciting ideas about the body like the for english oral, introductory and concluding ideas. If I get these things it will help me specially and do the math homework help lot of essay for english, others. Hoping to have some more great things from you! Kathryn Lane 23 months ago. This was really helpful, thank you!

Thank you so much! Kader 3 years ago from Algeria. Turner's Famous Thesis Argued! Nice and helpful tips on essay for english, which teach rely and reffer to.Thank you so much. Maree Michael Martin 3 years ago from Northwest Washington on an Island. Very helpful. I love all these questions and j resume essay topics, thanks.

Dianna Mendez 3 years ago. Another great post for teachers and students! I always learn to much from essay, your sharing. Frederick Turner's Famous Frontier Thesis! Thank you! Virginia Kearney 3 years ago from United States. Thanks Hezekiah--I am hoping that I can help people. So many of the for english, people who teach the beginning levels of college English are graduate students who are just beginning teachers themselves. I know how hard it can be to come up with good lesson plans and thesis instructions. That is why I've decided to post my own notes and instructions that I've developed in teaching for over 20 years. Hezekiah 3 years ago from Japan.

Nice tips there, I wish I would have known these while I was still at Uni or High School. Copyright 2017 HubPages Inc. and respective owners. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. HubPages ® is a registered Service Mark of HubPages, Inc. HubPages and Hubbers (authors) may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and essay for english oral advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others.

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conrad racist essay Achebe, Chinua. An Image of Africa: Racism in Conrad's 'Heart of Darkness' Massachusetts Review. 18. Essay Oral. 1977. Rpt. in frederick 1893 frontier thesis Heart of Darkness, An Authoritative Text, background and Sources Criticism. For English Oral. 1961. 3rd ed. Ed.

Robert Kimbrough, London: W. W Norton and Co., 1988, pp.251-261. In the fall of falsification thesis, 1974 I was walking one day from the English Department at the University of Massachusetts to a parking lot. It was a fine autumn morning such as encouraged friendliness to essay, passing strangers. Brisk youngsters were hurrying in all directions, many of them obviously freshmen in their first flush of enthusiasm. Purpose Statement. An older man going the for english oral, same way as I turned and j resume remarked to me how very young they came these days. I agreed. Essay For English Oral. Then he asked me if I was a student too. I said no, I was a teacher. What did I teach? African literature.

Now that was funny, he said, because he knew a fellow who taught the same thing, or perhaps it was African history, in a certain Community College not far from here. It always surprised him, he went on to say, because he never had thought of Africa as having that kind of stuff, you know. By this time I was walking much faster. Oh well, I heard him say finally, behind me: I guess I have to take your course to find out. A few weeks later I received two very touching letters from high school children in Yonkers, New York, who -- bless their teacher -- had just read Things Fall Apart . One of frederick jackson famous 1893 frontier, them was particularly happy to learn about the customs and superstitions of an African tribe.

I propose to draw from these rather trivial encounters rather heavy conclusions which at first sight might seem somewhat out of proportion to them. But only, I hope, at first sight. The young fellow from Yonkers, perhaps partly on for english oral account of his age but I believe also for j resume, much deeper and more serious reasons, is obviously unaware that the for english oral, life of his own tribesmen in Yonkers, New York, is full of odd customs and superstitions and, like everybody else in frederick jackson famous frontier argued what his culture, imagines that he needs a trip to Africa to encounter those things. The other person being fully my own age could not be excused on the grounds of his years. Ignorance might be a more likely reason; but here again I believe that something more willful than a mere lack of essay oral, information was at work.

For did not that erudite British historian and falsification Regius Professor at Oxford, Hugh Trevor Roper, also pronounce that African history did not exist? If there is something in these utterances more than youthful inexperience, more than a lack of factual knowledge, what is it? Quite simply it is the desire -- one might indeed say the need -- in Western psychology to set Africa up as a foil to Europe, as a place of negations at once remote and vaguely familiar, in for english oral comparison with which Europe's own state of j resume, spiritual grace will be manifest. This need is not new; which should relieve us all of considerable responsibility and perhaps make us even willing to look at this phenomenon dispassionately. I have neither the wish nor the competence to embark on the exercise with the tools of the social and biological sciences but more simply in the manner of a novelist responding to essay for english oral, one famous book of European fiction: Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness , which better than any other work that I know displays that Western desire and need which I have just referred to. Of course there are whole libraries of books devoted to the same purpose but most of them are so obvious and frederick famous 1893 argued so crude that few people worry about them today.

Conrad, on essay oral the other hand, is undoubtedly one of the do the homework, great stylists of modern fiction and a good storyteller into the bargain. His contribution therefore falls automatically into a different class -- permanent literature -- read and taught and constantly evaluated by for english oral, serious academics. Heart of etymological their, Darkness is indeed so secure today that a leading Conrad scholar has numbered it among the half-dozen greatest short novels in the English language. I will return to this critical opinion in due course because it may seriously modify my earlier suppositions about who may or may not be guilty in some of the matters I will now raise. Heart of Darkness projects the image of Africa as the other world, the antithesis of Europe and therefore of civilization, a place where man's vaunted intelligence and refinement are finally mocked by triumphant beastiality. The book opens on the River Thames, tranquil, resting, peacefully at the decline of essay for english, day after ages of good service done to the race that peopled its banks. But the actual story will take place on the River Congo, the very antithesis of the Thames. The River Congo is hannibal quite decidedly not a River Emeritus. It has rendered no service and enjoys no old-age pension. We are told that Going up that river was like traveling back to the earliest beginnings of the world. Is Conrad saying then that these two rivers are very different, one good, the other bad?

Yes, but that is for english oral not the real point. It is not the differentness that worries Conrad but the lurking hint of kinship, of common ancestry. For the etymological dictionary essay, Thames too has been one of the dark places of the earth. It conquered its darkness, of course, and is now in daylight and at peace. But if it were to visit its primordial relative, the Congo, it would run the terrible risk of hearing grotesque echoes of essay, its own forgotten darkness, and falling victim to an avenging recrudescence of the mindless frenzy of the first beginnings. These suggestive echoes comprise Conrad's famed evocation of the do the, African atmosphere in Heart of Darkness . In the final consideration his method amounts to no more than a steady, ponderous, fake-ritualistic repetition of two antithetical sentences, one about silence and the other about frenzy. We can inspect samples of this on pages 36 and 37 of the present edition: a) it was the stillness of an for english oral, implacable force brooding over an inscrutable intention and b) The steamer toiled along slowly on the edge of a black and incomprehensible frenzy. Of course there is a judicious change of adjective from time to time, so that instead of inscrutable, for example, you might have unspeakable, even plain mysterious, etc., etc. The eagle-eyed English critic F. R. Leavis drew attention long ago to Conrad's adjectival insistence upon inexpressible and and dissertation incomprehensible mystery.

That insistence must not be dismissed lightly, as many Conrad critics have tended to do, as a mere stylistic flaw; for it raises serious questions of artistic good faith. When a writer while pretending to record scenes, incidents and their impact is in oral reality engaged in inducing hypnotic stupor in his readers through a bombardment of emotive words and other forms of trickery much more has to be at stake than stylistic felicity. Generally normal readers are well armed to detect and resist such under-hand activity. But Conrad chose his subject well -- one which was guaranteed not to put him in conflict with the psychological predisposition of his readers or raise the need for him to contend with their resistance. He chose the role of purveyor of math, comforting myths. The most interesting and revealing passages in Heart of Darkness are, however, about essay for english oral people. I must crave the indulgence of my reader to quote almost a whole page from about the middle of the stop/when representatives of Europe in a steamer going down the Congo encounter the denizens of help, Africa. We were wanderers on a prehistoric earth, on an earth that wore the aspect of an unknown planet. We could have fancied ourselves the essay for english, first of do the math homework help, men taking possession of an accursed inheritance, to be subdued at the cost of profound anguish and of excessive toil. Essay For English Oral. But suddenly as we struggled round a bend there would be a glimpse of jackson frontier thesis argued, rush walls, of peaked grass-roofs, a burst of yells, a whirl of oral, black limbs, a mass of hands clapping, of feet stamping, of purpose statement and dissertation, bodies swaying, of eyes rolling under the droop of heavy and for english motionless foliage.

The steamer toiled along slowly on rising the edge of a black and incomprehensible frenzy. The prehistoric man was cursing us, praying to us, welcoming us -- who could tell? We were cut off from the for english, comprehension of our surroundings; we glided past like phantoms, wondering and thesis secretly appalled, as sane men would be before an enthusiastic outbreak in a madhouse. Essay Oral. We could not understand because we were too far and etymological family christian could not remember, because we were traveling in the night of first ages, of those ages that are gone, leaving hardly a sign -- and no memories. The earth seemed unearthly. We are accustomed to look upon the shackled form of a conquered monster, but there -- there you could look at a thing monstrous and free. It was unearthly and essay for english the men were . No they were not inhuman. Well, you know that was the worst of it -- this suspicion of dictionary names their, their not being inhuman.

It would come slowly to one. Oral. They howled and leaped and do the homework spun and made horrid faces, but what thrilled you, was just the oral, thought of their humanity -- like yours -- the thought of your remote kinship with this wild and passionate uproar. Etymological Christian Names Essay. Ugly. Yes, it was ugly enough, but if you were man enough you would admit to yourself that there was in for english you just the do the math help, faintest trace of a response to the terrible frankness of that noise, a dim suspicion of there being a meaning in it which you -- you so remote from the night of first ages -- could comprehend. Herein lies the meaning of Heart of Darkness and the fascination it holds over the Western mind: What thrilled you was just the thought of oral, their humanity -- like yours . Falsification. Ugly. Having shown us Africa in the mass, Conrad then zeros in, half a page later, on a specific example, giving us one of his rare descriptions of an for english oral, African who is not just limbs or rolling eyes:

And between whiles I had to look after the hannibal rising, savage who was fireman. He was an improved specimen; he could fire up a vertical boiler. He was there below me and, upon my word, to look at him was as edifying as seeing a dog in a parody of breeches and oral a feather hat walking on his hind legs. A few months of training had done for that really fine chap. He squinted at the steam-gauge and at the water-gauge with an do the help, evident effort of intrepidity -- and he had filed his teeth too, the poor devil, and the wool of essay for english, his pate shaved into hannibal essay queer patterns, and for english three ornamental scars on each of rising, his cheeks. He ought to have been clapping his hands and stamping his feet on the bank, instead of which he was hard at work, a thrall to strange witchcraft, full of improving knowledge. As everybody knows, Conrad is a romantic on the side. He might not exactly admire savages clapping their hands and essay oral stamping their feet but they have at least the merit of being in purpose statement and dissertation their place, unlike this dog in a parody of breeches. For Conrad things being in their place is of the utmost importance. Fine fellows -- cannibals --in their place, he tells us pointedly.

Tragedy begins when things leave their accustomed place, like Europe leaving its safe stronghold between the oral, policeman and the baker to like a peep into the heart of darkness. Before the story likes us into the Congo basin proper we are given this nice little vignette as an essay, example of essay for english oral, things in their place: Now and then a boat from the shore gave one a momentary contact with reality. It was paddled by black fellows. You could see from afar the white of their eyeballs glistening.

They shouted, sang; their bodies streamed with perspiration; they had faces like grotesque masks -- these chaps; but they had bone, muscle, a wild vitality, an intense energy of math help, movement that was as natural and hue as the surf along their coast. They wanted no excuse for being there. They were a great comfort to look at. Towards the oral, end of the purpose statement, story Conrad lavishes a whole page quite unexpectedly on an African woman who has obviously been some kind of mistress to essay, Mr. Kurtz and now presides (if I may be permitted a little liberty) like a formidable mystery over math homework help the inexorable imminence of his departure: She was savage and essay oral superb, wild-eyed and magnificent . She stood looking at us without a stir and like the wilderness itself, with an air of brooding over an inscrutable purpose. This Amazon is drawn in considerable detail, albeit of a predictable nature, for two reasons. First, she is in her place and so can win Conrad's special brand of approval and second, she fulfills a structural requirement of the story: a savage counterpart to the refined, European woman who will step forth to end the j resume, story: She came forward all in black with a pale head, floating toward me in the dusk.

She was in mourning . She took both my hands in hers and murmured, I had heard you were coming.. She had a mature capacity for fidelity, for belief, for suffering. The difference in the attitude of the novelist to essay for english oral, these two women is conveyed in too many direct and subfile ways to need elaboration. But perhaps the most significant difference is the one implied in the author's bestowal of human expression to the one and the withholding of it from the purpose, other. It is clearly not part of Conrad's purpose to confer language on the rudimentary souls of essay for english oral, Africa. In place of speech they made a violent babble of uncouth sounds. They exchanged short grunting phrases even among themselves.

But most of the time they were too busy with their frenzy. There are two occasions in the book, however, when Conrad departs somewhat from his practice and confers speech, even English speech, on the savages. The first occurs when cannibalism gets the better of dictionary christian names essay their, them: Catch 'im, he snapped with a bloodshot widening of his eyes and a flash of sharp teeth -- catch 'im. Give 'im to us.

To you, eh? I asked; what would you do with them? Eat 'im! he said curtly. . . . The other occasion was the essay oral, famous announcement:Mistah Kurtz -- he dead. At first sight these instances might be mistaken for unexpected acts of generosity from Conrad. In reality they constitute some of his best assaults. In the case of the cannibals the incomprehensible grunts that had thus far served them for speech suddenly proved inadequate for Conrad's purpose of j resume, letting the European glimpse the essay for english oral, unspeakable craving in their hearts. Weighing the necessity for consistency in the portrayal of the dumb brutes against the sensational advantages of securing their conviction by clear, unambiguous evidence issuing out of their own mouth Conrad chose the latter. As for the announcement of Mr. Kurtz's death by the insolent black head in the doorway what better or more appropriate finis could be written to the horror story of that wayward child of rising essay, civilization who willfully had given his soul to the powers of darkness and taken a high seat amongst the devils of the essay oral, land than the proclamation of his physical death by the forces he had joined?

It might be contended, of course, that the attitude to the African in Heart of Darkness is not Conrad's but that of his fictional narrator, Marlow, and that far from endorsing it Conrad might indeed be holding it up to irony and criticism. Certainly Conrad appears to go to considerable pains to frederick famous frontier argued what, set up layers of insulation between himself and the moral universe of his history. Essay For English Oral. He has, for example, a narrator behind a narrator. The primary narrator is Marlow but his account is given to us through the filter of thesis, a second, shadowy person. But if Conrad's intention is to draw a cordon sanitaire between himself and the moral and psychological malaise of his narrator his care seems to me totally wasted because he neglects to hint however subtly or tentatively at an alternative frame of reference by which we may judge the actions and opinions of his characters. It would not have been beyond Conrad's power to make that provision if he had thought it necessary. Marlow seems to me to enjoy Conrad's complete confidence -- a feeling reinforced by the close similarities between their two careers. Marlow comes through to us not only for english oral, as a witness of truth, but one holding those advanced and humane views appropriate to the English liberal tradition which required all Englishmen of decency to be deeply shocked by atrocities in Bulgaria or the christian names essay their, Congo of King Leopold of the Belgians or wherever. Thus Marlow is able to toss out for english such bleeding-heart sentiments as these: They were dying slowly -- it was very clear. They were not enemies, they were not criminals, they were nothing earthly now, nothing but black shadows of statement and dissertation, disease and starvation lying confusedly in the greenish gloom.

Brought from all the recesses of the coast in all the legality of time contracts, lost in uncongenial surroundings, fed on unfamiliar food, they sickened, became inefficient, and were then allowed to crawl away and rest. The kind of liberalism espoused here by Marlow/Conrad touched all the best minds of the age in England, Europe and America. It took different forms in the minds of different people but almost always managed to sidestep the ultimate question of equality between white people and black people. That extraordinary missionary, Albert Schweitzer, who sacrificed brilliant careers in music and theology in Europe for a life of service to Africans in much the same area as Conrad writes about, epitomizes the essay oral, ambivalence. In a comment which has often been quoted Schweitzer says: The African is indeed my brother but my junior brother. And so he proceeded to build a hospital appropriate to the needs of junior brothers with standards of hygiene reminiscent of medical practice in the days before the germ theory of disease came into being. Naturally he became a sensation in Europe and America. Pilgrims flocked, and I believe still flock even after he has passed on, to witness the prodigious miracle in Lamberene, on the edge of the primeval forest.

Conrad's liberalism would not take him quite as far as Schweitzer's, though. J Resume. He would not use the oral, word brother however qualified; the farthest he would go was kinship. When Marlow's African helmsman falls down with a spear in and dissertation his heart he gives his white master one final disquieting look. And the essay oral, intimate profundity of that look he gave me when he received his hurt remains to this day in my memory -- like a claim of hannibal rising, distant kinship affirmed in a supreme moment. It is oral important to note that Conrad, careful as ever with his words, is hannibal rising essay concerned not so much about distant kinship as about someone laying a claim on it. For English. The black man lays a claim on the white man which is well-nigh intolerable. It is the laying of this claim which frightens and at the same time fascinates Conrad, . the thought of their humanity -- like yours . Ugly. The point of my observations should be quite clear by now, namely that Joseph Conrad was a thoroughgoing racist. That this simple truth is glossed over in criticisms of hannibal rising essay, his work is due to the fact that white racism against Africa is such a normal way of thinking that its manifestations go completely unremarked.

Students of Heart of Darkness will often tell you that Conrad is concerned not so much with Africa as with the deterioration of one European mind caused by solitude and sickness. They will point out to you that Conrad is, if anything, less charitable to the Europeans in the story than he is to the natives, that the point of the story is to ridicule Europe's civilizing mission in Africa. A Conrad student informed me in Scotland that Africa is merely a setting for essay for english, the disintegration of the do the, mind of Mr. Essay For English Oral. Kurtz. Which is partly the point. Frederick Turner's Famous Thesis Argued. Africa as setting and backdrop which eliminates the for english, African as human factor. Africa as a metaphysical battlefield devoid of jackson turner's famous 1893 thesis argued, all recognizable humanity, into which the wandering European enters at his peril. For English. Can nobody see the preposterous and perverse arrogance in thus reducing Africa to the role of props for the break-up of one petty European mind? But that is not even the point. The real question is the dehumanization of Africa and Africans which this age-long attitude has fostered and continues to foster in the world. And the question is math homework help whether a novel which celebrates this dehumanization, which depersonalizes a portion of the human race, can be called a great work of art.

My answer is: No, it cannot. I do not doubt Conrad's great talents. Even Heart of Darkness has its memorably good passages and moments: The reaches opened before us and essay for english oral closed behind, as if the j resume, forest had stepped leisurely across tile water to essay for english oral, bar the way for our return. Its exploration of the minds of the European characters is math homework often penetrating and essay for english full of insight. But all that has been more than fully discussed in the last fifty years. His obvious racism has, however, not been addressed. And it is high time it was! Conrad was born in 1857, the very year in which the first Anglican missionaries were arriving among my own people in Nigeria. It was certainly not his fault that he lived his life at a time when the reputation of the black man was at a particularly low level.

But even after due allowances have been made for all the influences of contemporary prejudice on falsification his sensibility there remains still in for english oral Conrad's attitude a residue of rising essay, antipathy to black people which his peculiar psychology alone can explain. His own account of his first encounter with a black man is very revealing: A certain enormous buck nigger encountered in for english Haiti fixed my conception of blind, furious, unreasoning rage, as manifested in the human animal to the end of my days. Of the nigger I used to dream for hannibal essay, years afterwards. Certainly Conrad had a problem with niggers. His inordinate love of that word itself should be of interest to psychoanalysts. Sometimes his fixation on blackness is equally interesting as when he gives us this brief description: A black figure stood up, strode on for english oral long black legs, waving long black arms. . . . as though we might expect a black figure striding along on math homework black legs to essay oral, wave white arms! But so unrelenting is Conrad's obsession. As a matter of interest Conrad gives us in A Personal Record what amounts to a companion piece to the buck nigger of Haiti. At the age of sixteen Conrad encountered his first Englishman in Europe.

He calls him my unforgettable Englishman and describes him in the following manner: (his) calves exposed to the public gaze . . . dazzled the beholder by frederick jackson turner's famous 1893 frontier argued, the splendor of their marble-like condition and their rich tone of essay oral, young ivory. . . . The light of a headlong, exalted satisfaction with the world of men. . . illumined his face. . . and triumphant eyes. Famous 1893 Frontier Thesis. In passing he cast a glance of oral, kindly curiosity and a friendly gleam of big, sound, shiny teeth. . . his white calves twinkled sturdily. Irrational love and irrational hate jostling together in the heart of that talented, tormented man. But whereas irrational love may at worst engender foolish acts of indiscretion, irrational hate can endanger the turner's famous frontier thesis argued what, life of the community. Naturally Conrad is a dream for essay oral, psychoanalytic critics. Perhaps the most detailed study of him in this direction is by frederick jackson turner's argued, Bernard C. Oral. Meyer, M.D.

In his lengthy book Dr. Hannibal Rising Essay. Meyer follows every conceivable lead (and sometimes inconceivable ones) to essay oral, explain Conrad. Turner's Frontier What. As an example he gives us long disquisitions on the significance of hair and essay oral hair-cutting in Conrad. And yet not even one word is spared for his attitude to black people. J Resume. Not even the discussion of Conrad's antisemitism was enough to spark off in Dr. Essay For English Oral. Meyer's mind those other dark and explosive thoughts. Which only leads one to surmise that Western psychoanalysts must regard the and dissertation, kind of racism displayed by essay for english, Conrad absolutely normal despite the profoundly important work done by hannibal rising, Frantz Fanon in the psychiatric hospitals of for english, French Algeria. Whatever Conrad's problems were, you might say he is now safely dead.

Quite true. Unfortunately his heart of darkness plagues us still. Rising Essay. Which is why an offensive and deplorable book can be described by a serious scholar as among the for english, half dozen greatest short novels in the English language. Homework Help. And why it is today the most commonly prescribed novel in twentieth-century literature courses in English Departments of American universities. There are two probable grounds on essay which what I have aid so far may be contested. Statement. The first is essay oral that it is do the math homework help no concern of fiction to please people about whom it is written. I will go along with that. But I am not talking about pleasing people. I am talking about a book which parades in the most vulgar fashion prejudices and insults from which a section of mankind has suffered untold agonies and essay for english atrocities in the past and continues to do so in many ways and many places today. Purpose. I am talking about a story in which the for english, very humanity of black people is called in question. Secondly, I may be challenged on the grounds of actuality.

Conrad, after all, did sail down the Congo in 1890 when my own father was still a babe in arms. How could I stand up more than fifty years after his death and purport to contradict him? My answer is that as a sensible man I will not accept just any traveler's tales solely on the grounds that I have not made the journey myself. I will not trust the evidence even off man's very eyes when I suspect them to be as jaundiced as Conrad's. And we also happen to know that Conrad was, in the words of his biographer, Bernard C. Meyer, notoriously inaccurate in the rendering of frederick jackson famous 1893 frontier thesis argued what, his own history. But more important by far is the abundant testimony about Conrad's savages which we could gather if we were so inclined from other sources and which might lead us to think that these people must have had other occupations besides merging into the evil forest or materializing out of it simply to plague Marlow and his dispirited band. Essay Oral. For as it happened, soon after Conrad had written his book an event of far greater consequence was taking place in hannibal essay the art world of Europe. This is how Frank Willett, a British art historian, describes it:

Gaugin had gone to Tahiti, the most extravagant individual act of turning to a non-European culture in the decades immediately before and after 1900, when European artists were avid for new artistic experiences, but it was only about 1904-5 that African art began to make its distinctive impact. One piece is for english oral still identifiable; it is a mask that had been given to Maurice Vlaminck in 1905. He records that Derain was 'speechless' and 'stunned' when he saw it, bought it from Vlaminck and in turn showed it to Picasso and Matisse, who were also greatly affected by it. Ambroise Vollard then borrowed it and had it cast in bronze. . . The revolution of twentieth century art was under way! The mask in question was made by homework help, other savages living just north of oral, Conrad's River Congo. They have a name too: the Fang people, and are without a doubt among the world's greatest masters of the sculptured form. The event Frank Willett is referring to marks the essay, beginning of cubism and the infusion of new life into European art, which had run completely out of strength. The point of all this is to suggest that Conrad's picture of the people of the essay for english oral, Congo seems grossly inadequate even at the height of their subjection to the ravages of King Leopold's lnternational Association for the Civilization of Central Africa.

Travelers with closed minds can tell us little except about themselves. Purpose Statement And Dissertation. But even those not blinkered, like Conrad with xenophobia, can be astonishing blind. For English. Let me digress a little here. One of the greatest and most intrepid travelers of homework, all time, Marco Polo, journeyed to the Far East from the Mediterranean in essay for english the thirteenth century and spent twenty years in the court of Kublai Khan in China. On his return to Venice he set down in his book entitled Description of the World his impressions of the peoples and places and purpose statement and dissertation customs he had seen. But there were at least two extraordinary omissions in his account. He said nothing about the art of oral, printing, unknown as yet in Europe but in full flower in China. He either did not notice it at dictionary their all or if he did, failed to see what use Europe could possibly have for it. Whatever the reason, Europe had to wait another hundred years for Gutenberg. Oral. But even more spectacular was Marco Polo's omission of any reference to the Great Wall of math homework, China nearly 4,000 miles long and already more than 1,000 years old at the time of his visit. Again, he may not have seen it; but the Great Wall of China is the only structure built by man which is visible from the moon!

Indeed travelers can be blind. As I said earlier Conrad did not originate the essay, image of Africa which we find in his book. It was and is the dominant image of Africa in the Western imagination and Conrad merely brought the peculiar gifts of his own mind to bear on it. Dictionary Essay Their. For reasons which can certainly use close psychological inquiry the West seems to suffer deep anxieties about the precariousness of its civilization and to have a need for constant reassurance by comparison with Africa. If Europe, advancing in essay for english civilization, could cast a backward glance periodically at Africa trapped in primordial barbarity it could say with faith and feeling: There go I but for falsification thesis, the grace of for english oral, God. Africa is to Europe as the picture is to Dorian Gray -- a carrier onto do the homework whom the master unloads his physical and moral deformities so that he may go forward, erect and immaculate. Consequently Africa is something to be avoided just as the picture has to be hidden away to essay for english, safeguard the falsification thesis, man's jeopardous integrity. Keep away from Africa, or else!

Mr. Kurtz of Heart of Darkness should have heeded that warning and the prowling horror in his heart would have kept its place, chained to its lair. But he foolishly exposed himself to the wild irresistible allure of the jungle and lo! the darkness found him out. In my original conception of this essay I had thought to conclude it nicely on an appropriately positive note in which I would suggest from my privileged position in African and Western cultures some advantages the West might derive from Africa once it rid its mind of old prejudices and began to essay oral, look at Africa not through a haze of distortions and cheap mystifications but quite simply as a continent of turner's 1893 argued, people -- not angels, but not rudimentary souls either -- just people, often highly gifted people and often strikingly successful in their enterprise with life and society. But as I thought more about the stereotype image, about its grip and pervasiveness, about the essay for english oral, willful tenacity with which the West holds it to its heart; when I thought of the West's television and cinema and newspapers, about frederick turner's famous 1893 frontier thesis what books read in essay for english its schools and out of school, of churches preaching to empty pews about the need to send help to the heathen in Africa, I realized that no easy optimism was possible. Jackson Thesis. And there was, in any case, something totally wrong in offering bribes to the West in for english return for its good opinion of Africa.

Ultimately the abandonment of unwholesome thoughts must be its own and only reward. Although I have used the hannibal rising, word willful a few times here to essay for english, characterize the do the homework help, West's view of Africa, it may well be that what is happening at essay for english oral this stage is more akin to reflex action than calculated malice. Which does not make the situation more but less hopeful. The Christian Science Monitor, a paper more enlightened than most, once carried an interesting article written by its Education Editor on the serious psychological and learning problems faced by little children who speak one language at home and then go to school where something else is hannibal essay spoken. Oral. It was a wide-ranging article taking in Spanish-speaking children in America, the children of migrant Italian workers in Germany, the quadrilingual phenomenon in Malaysia, and christian their so on.

And all this while the article speaks unequivocally about language. But then out of the blue sky comes this: In London there is an enormous immigration of children who speak Indian or Nigerian dialects, or some other native language. I believe that the introduction of oral, dialects which is technically erroneous in the context is almost a reflex action caused by an instinctive desire of the writer to downgrade the discussion to the level of Africa and India. And this is quite comparable to Conrad's withholding of language from his rudimentary souls.

Language is too grand for these chaps; let's give them dialects! In all this business a lot of violence is frederick turner's famous 1893 frontier thesis argued inevitably done not only to essay oral, the image of statement, despised peoples but even to words, the very tools of possible redress. Look at the phrase native language in the Science Monitor excerpt. Surely the only native language possible in London is Cockney English. But our writer means something else -- something appropriate to the sounds Indians and Africans make! Although the work of redressing which needs to be done may appear too daunting, I believe it is not one day too soon to begin. Conrad saw and condemned the evil of imperial exploitation but was strangely unaware of the racism on which it sharpened its iron tooth.

But the victims of racist slander who for centuries have had to live with the inhumanity it makes them heir to have always known better than any casual visitor even when he comes loaded with the gifts of a Conrad.

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Writing Paralegal Resumes. Tips for experienced and new paralegals. By Linda T. Chin. Many paralegal students who have just graduated from college or who have completed a paralegal studies program most likely are searching for essay for english their first paralegal jobs. Experienced paralegals also might be looking to do the math help change jobs. This article will assist both new and essay for english oral experienced paralegals in drafting resumes and j resume cover letters that will be concise but comprehensive, appealing but not overwhelming to prospective employers. Sample paralegal resumes and cover letters also are included. Resumes for essay New Paralegals. Let’s begin with some general pointers.

Your name, home address, phone number and e-mail address should be on top of the resume. Use more common computer fonts, such as 12-point Times New Roman. Your name can be bold and a larger font than the rest of the content in the resume. Try to keep the resume to hannibal one page, if possible. Prospective employers receive numerous resumes so they might not read resumes beyond the first page.

Many resumes usually contain four to five sections. Some resumes might include sections such as Honors and Awards or Achievements. Oral? For the purpose of this article, I have concentrated on falsification, these sections: Career Objective, Education, Experience, Skills and Other Relevant Experience, if applicable. Career objective. This is important for several reasons. It’s the first paragraph after you provide your personal information and essay oral it immediately lets the prospective employers know what your career goal is, and encourages them to continue reading the j resume, resume. You should express your career objective by writing a 1-sentence description of the job you are seeking. If you are unsure of the area of legal practice in which you want to specialize, focus your objective to a general practice of law. Some examples of career objectives are: “To secure an essay for english oral entry-level position as a paralegal in a real estate law firm,” or “To secure a position in a law firm that can use a legal professional with outstanding research and writing skills.”

Education. This section is an important part of the j resume, resume for those new paralegals who have just completed their education. If you are a new paralegal with limited or no work experience, this is the section on essay oral, which you should focus. Indicate your degree or the paralegal certificate you completed, your major, the purpose statement and dissertation, college from which you graduated, and the date of your graduation. List the courses that are relevant to the jobs for which you are applying. In general, law firms seek prospective employees who have skills in areas of legal research and writing, litigation and law office management. You also should expand on your leadership and academic activities in this section. List your membership in essay for english oral all student and academic organizations. Do The Math? Emphasize your leadership positions and highlight your respective duties and achievements while serving in those leadership roles. For English? If you were a member of the hannibal, organization but didn’t hold a leadership position, specify your contributions to the organizations. For example, you might have arranged for essay for english oral a speaker, publicized an event or coordinated a social event for the organization.

Did you write for essay a college newspaper, or contribute or edit an article for a newsletter or the college yearbook? If so, these activities should be included in your resume since they show initiative and essay oral leadership qualities — characteristics that all employers seek in and dissertation a prospective employee. Finally, if you have received academic achievements such as being on oral, the dean’s list or graduating with various honors, emphasize these awards and honors in your resume. Experience. This section is the meat of a resume. While your work history as a new paralegal is falsification, minimal, there are other areas besides employment that can be classified as experience.

Serving in an internship program is an excellent way to highlight your duties and essay for english oral responsibilities as well as the skills you obtained. Under this section, list the duties you performed, as well as the j resume, skills that were enhanced during this internship. If you have participated in more than one internship, list the most recent internship first with the relevant dates. Another type of experience is the Academic Service Learning component that many colleges have incorporated into essay oral their academic curriculum. Jackson Famous 1893 Frontier Thesis Argued What? St. John’s University in New York, for example, defines Academic Service Learning as a teaching method in which students learn and develop through organized service that reinforces course content. This organized service takes place in nonprofit organizations such as bar associations, senior citizen centers, Legal Aid offices or other organizations that provide legal services at essay reduced fees or at no cost to the clients. If you have participated in j resume an Academic Service Learning program, you should indicate the organization in which you served, and your duties while serving in that capacity.

For example, if you helped draft health planning documents in an Elder Law Clinic as part of the Elder Law course you took, you should incorporate these duties in the Experience section of your resume. Skills. This section of the resume focuses on for english oral, special skills you have that you might not have highlighted in falsification other sections of the resume. Are you familiar with Microsoft Word? Do you have skills in essay oral other software applications such as Microsoft PowerPoint or Excel? Are you an expert in using Westlaw and/or Lexis as a research tool? Are you proficient in a foreign language? If you have any of these skills, include them in the skills section of the resume. Thesis? However, be honest in assessing your proficiency.

For example, don’t indicate fluency in Spanish if you can only for english, read it, but not speak it. Other relevant experience. And Dissertation? The last section of the resume is for other relevant experience that you might have but was not addressed in the other sections of the resume. Essay For English? For example, if you demonstrated leadership skills while serving in a civic or community project or activity, then certainly include this experience. The Cover Letter From New Paralegals. The cover letter should have the etymological dictionary essay their derivation, following information: your name, address, and the date, name and title of the person to whom you are writing, the company or organization and the relevant salutation. Try to get the exact name of the person to whom you are writing since this will be more personal. The first paragraph of the cover letter should explain why you are writing and indicate how you found out about the available position.

For example, “I am writing to essay for english apply for the position of paralegal as advertised in the June 20 New York Times,” or “We met last month at jackson turner's 1893 frontier argued the paralegal conference and essay for english oral I am following up on my interest to obtain a paralegal position in your law firm.” The next few paragraphs are where you want to highlight and discuss your qualifications, achievements and jackson famous frontier what experience. Summarize your experience rather than repeat what already is in the resume. For English Oral? Discuss why your qualifications and purpose statement experience are a good fit with the essay, company and what you can contribute to j resume that company. The final paragraph closes the letter by thanking the employers for their consideration of essay for english your application and notifying them where they can contact you for dictionary names essay an interview. Essay For English Oral? Also indicate that your resume is enclosed and that references are available upon request. Resumes for Experienced Paralegals. Many of hannibal rising essay my recommendations for resumes for experienced paralegals are similar to for english resumes for new paralegals.

Your name, home address, phone number and e-mail address should be on the top of the hannibal rising, resume and it should be limited to one page, if possible. Essay Oral? Resumes for do the homework experienced paralegals should contain the following or similar sections: Career Objective, Professional Experience, Skills, Other Relevant Experience and oral Education. Career objective. This is important for experienced paralegals. It signals to the prospective employer whether the etymological family, applicant is essay oral, seeking a career change, a position with greater responsibility or a lateral move to a different company. For example: “To secure a senior level paralegal position with supervisory responsibilities” indicates to the employers that the applicant has prior paralegal experience and is seeking further professional growth. Education. Rising? The experienced paralegal should indicate the relevant information under the Education section. You should provide your degree or the essay for english oral, certificate completed as well as your major, the college from where you graduated and the date of your graduation. List any awards and honors you received upon graduation. Since prospective employers will focus more on the work history of experienced paralegals, the education information can be included either at hannibal essay the beginning or at the end of the resume.

Experience. For the experienced paralegal, this section of the resume is the most important information provided by the applicant in essay for english engaging the interest of the prospective employers. The most common form of presentation is to hannibal list jobs in reverse chronological order; therefore, you should list your most recent job first. Indicate the company’s or law firm’s name, list your job titles and for english dates of employment. Use active verbs to describe your duties and falsification thesis responsibilities, and be consistent in the use of the verb tense. For examples: “Developed systems for billing clients,” “Conducted extensive research for class action lawsuit” and “Maintained and updated court dates.” Skills. This section is where you can highlight your technological skills. For English? At a minimum, employers expect their experienced paralegals to hannibal essay be proficient in word processing, and to be able to navigate e-mails and prepare spreadsheets using Excel. Oral? Do you have computer-assisted research skills using Westlaw or Lexis? Are you proficient in other software applications such as CaseMap, LiveNote or Abacus Law?

If so, don’t hesitate to list them. Prospective employers always are seeking applicants who are technologically savvy to help make their law offices become more efficient. Other relevant experience. Do The Homework? If you have had relevant experience other than work experience, you can describe it under this section. Were you an for english oral active member of a national or state paralegal organization? Did you volunteer to participate in statement and dissertation your firm’s pro for english oral, bono program in providing legal service to those who could not afford to thesis hire a legal professional? Perhaps you volunteered in essay events related to etymological their derivation law that were sponsored by your community or civic groups. These all are activities to stress in your resume. Essay For English? They demonstrate initiative, leadership and commitment to the legal profession. The Cover Letter from Experienced Paralegals. The cover letter is j resume, your initial introduction to essay for english oral the prospective employer.

The purpose of the cover letter is to encourage the employer to read your resume and invite you for an interview. Therefore, like the j resume, resume, it has to be error-proof, neat and well-written. The first paragraph of the cover letter should explain why you are writing and for english oral what position you seek. For example: “I am writing to apply for the position of Senior Paralegal that was advertised on your Web site.” Also explain why you are interested in the position, such as seeking greater and/or more diverse responsibilities. In the next few paragraphs, summarize your qualifications, experience and homework help achievements. For example: “As the enclosed resume indicates, I have had over 10 years of paralegal experience in employment law” or “My 10 years of experience include working with cases involving bankruptcy law.” Follow up as to why this experience will benefit the law firm. You also can highlight specific skills, such as the ability to use computer-assisted research or software applications that help with the management of a law office. The final paragraph closes the letter by oral, thanking the employers for their consideration of your application and notifying the math homework help, employers where they can contact you for oral an interview. Also indicate that your resume is enclosed and math that references are available upon request. SAMPLE COVER LETTER FOR NEW PARALEGALS. 345 Highway Street.

Lakeview, NJ 10671. Tobin and Dempf, LLP. I am writing to apply for the position of Paralegal in for english oral your litigation department as advertised in the New Jersey Times , dated June 25, 2008. I have just completed the dictionary names essay their derivation, ABA Approved-paralegal program at for english oral Gainsville State University . My coursework and my internship experience have given me the skills to qualify for this position. As you can see from my resume, in addition to coursework in the areas of civil litigation and falsification thesis trial practice, I have enhanced my skills in the practice of litigation through my internship experiences. Essay? I have had practical experience in do the help legal research, writing complaints and legal memoranda, and filing pleadings. I am highly proficient and comfortable in the use of technology.

I am proficient in using Westlaw to perform research. I am also skilled in oral using Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook. Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to speaking with you further regarding my qualifications for this position. Enclosed in my resume and I will be happy to provide you with references upon request. SAMPLE RESUME FOR NEW PARALEGALS. 345 Highway Street.

To secure a position as a paralegal in a law firm that specializes in litigation. June 2008: Gainsville State University , Smithtown , New Jersey. Paralegal Certificate Program, ABA Approved. Coursework: Introduction to do the math Law, Civil Litigation, Legal Research and Writing, Tort Law, Family Law, Elder Law, Real Estate Law, Trial Practice. Leadership and Academic Acitivities: President of Legal Society (2007-2008) – Organized activities for. students in essay for english oral the Paralegal Program; arranged for hannibal rising speakers on legal issues; coordinated visits to courts. Feb. For English Oral? 2008-May 2008: Paralegal Intern, Smith Smith, Smithtown , New Jersey.

Assisted with scheduling meetings with clients. Helped with filing pleadings. Performed legal research using Westlaw and in the library. Wrote legal memoranda. Prepared demand letters. Sept.

2007-Jan. 2008: Academic Service Learning in j resume conjunction with Elder Law course, Senior Legal Clinic, Newtown , New Jersey. Assisted in drafting advance health planning documents. Interviewed clients for case intake. Assisted with drafting complaints. Assisted in drafting health proxies and living wills. Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Westlaw. Coordinated Annual Fund-Raising Event for the Homeless since 2000. SAMPLE COVER LETTER FOR EXPERIENCED PARALEGALS. 345 Highway Street.

Lakeview, NJ 10671. Tobin and Dempf, LLP. I am writing to apply for for english oral the position of supervising paralegal in your litigation department as advertised in the New Jersey Times , dated June 25, 2008. After more than 10 years of experience as a litigation paralegal, I am seeking a new position that can provide me with additional responsibilities and an opportunity to use my supervisory skills. As you can see from my resume, I have had extensive experience as a litigation paralegal and my responsibilities have increased over the years.

Recently, I was given the additional responsibility of supervising and training secretarial staff and student interns. In that capacity, I have developed my mentoring and hannibal supervisory skills. I am highly proficient and essay oral comfortable in the use of technology. I am proficient in etymological derivation using Westlaw and Lexis to essay for english oral perform research. I have assisted the attorneys in my firm in making presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint and have created spreadsheets using Microsoft Excel. I have become skilled in the use of software applications to assist with the management of purpose statement and dissertation complex litigation cases. Essay? As a result, I can offer your firm a high level of expertise in using Concordance, Summation and CaseMap. I believe I can contribute much to your firm. Thank you for taking time from your schedule to consider me for this position.

I look forward to speaking with you further regarding my qualifications. Enclosed is my resume and I will be happy to provide you with references upon request. SAMPLE RESUME FOR EXPERIENCED PARALEGALS. 345 Highway Street. Lakeview, NJ 10671. To secure a position as a senior-level paralegal with supervisory responsibilities.

July 2000-Present: Paralegal, Kleinsmith Associates, Newark , N.J. Provide legal and administrative support for purpose statement and dissertation civil litigation firm. Supervise and train secretarial staff and student interns. Implement an online billing system for clients. Draft legal memoranda and client correspondence. Conduct research employing online resources such as Westlaw and Lexis. Assist with document production and essay oral trial preparation.

July 1998-June 2000: Paralegal, Smith Smith, Smithtown , N.J. Assisted with scheduling meetings with clients. Assisted with filing pleadings. Performed legal research using Westlaw and in the library. Wrote legal memoranda. Prepared billings for clients.

Feb. 1998-June 1998: Paralegal Intern, Legal Aid of New Jersey , Newtown , N.J. Interviewed clients for case intake. Assisted with drafting complaints. Assisted with document production. Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Westlaw, Lexis, Concordance, Summation and CaseMap. Member of the American Alliance of Paralegals and the Legal Assistants Association of falsification thesis New Jersey; organized workshops on essay, technology for paralegals. Participated in the pro bono program initiated by Kleinsmith Associates.

June 1998: Gainsville State University , Smithtown , N.J. Bachelor of Arts, Legal Studies, ABA-Approved Paralegal Program. Linda T. Chin is an assistant professor at St. John’s University in New York City. She teaches in the American Bar Association-approved legal studies program, which prepares students to falsification work as paralegals in the legal profession.

Professor Chin’s field of essay for english expertise is employment and elder law.